Enqura has partnerships with leading software providers and consultancy companies to implement products and to ensure premium service delivery. We believe our expertise and our partners technologies together the key factor of our success.


Microsoft Corporation, worldwide leading company that provide devices and services. Its main research and development center at its corporate headquarters in Redmond, Washington, U.S. As Enqura, we corporate with Microsoft to provide solutions to you.


Today’s business world has never been more mobile. So we create products that give you everything you need to be productive. iOS powers those products. It’s a secure platform for customized apps, as well as Enqura apps that can help your business, by providing mobile services to your customers and your team get more done, stay connected, and share ideas.

CA Technologies

CA Technologies helps businesses of all sizes thrive in the application economy with end-to-end DevOps, Security and Management solutions built for today’s open enterprise. With more than 35 years of experience, CA has the in-depth expertise and extensive range of tools and solutions to help businesses get the most from their technology investments. Enqura and CA provides API management, test data management and devops solutions together.


Align execution with strategy, drive digital transformation, and enable new business growth with Changepoint, a leading provider of project portfolio management (PPM), professional services automation (PSA), and enterprise architecture (EA) solutions. We’ve helped over 1,000 global customers transform chaos into order with work management solutions that help teams prioritize initiatives and get the job done. Whether you’re managing a portfolio of projects, engagements, or applications, Changepoint solutions help you realize benefits faster. With the visibility and control that Changepoint provides, smarter decisions are easier to make, innovation is accelerated, and businesses are better poised to adapt to today’s changing landscape.

KAL ATM Software

KAL is the world's leading ATM software provider, specialising in solutions for bank ATMs, self-service kiosks, and bank branch networks. Established in 1989, KAL is an independent company with extensive relationships across hardware vendors, solutions providers, and end customers. Enqura as a KAL partner, provides KAL solutions and support services. Enqura ATM and VTM solutions are based on KAL XFS and EMV Kernel.

GRG Banking

GRG is a leading provider of currency recognition and cash processing solutions. For over 20 years, GRG specializes in the development and manufacturing of Automated Teller Machine (ATM) for financial institutions and retailers, Automatic Fare Collection (AFC) systems for railway and subway stations, Currency recognition and cash processing equipment modules and systems. Enqura provides ATM and VTM solutions for GRG products.


Cashware started in 1990, working especially on developing applications for ATMS and connectivity solutions for banking peripherals, including their integration with different systems and platforms for financial institutions. Their connectivity solutions allow the integration of any type of hardware, covering a wide range of devices from any manufacturer and model: financial printers, cash recyclers, document scanners, fingerprint readers, signature tablets, chip readers, etc. With regards to ATMs, Cashware has developed both "multi-vendor" solutions (using XFS and J/XFS), as well as numerous development environments. They have a product called ATMirage for the global simulation of self-service machines with automated testing, mainly oriented to improve the testing of ATM applications for Development and QA teams.


The pioneer in Experience Analytics, Clicktale marries cognitive computing, machine learning and psychological research to automatically surface issues and answer questions that keep executives up at night. With unique behavioral data, clear visualizations, and world-class customer experience expertise, Clicktale and Enqura are providing superior website and app experiences for Turkey's leading brands.

Sentim Bilisim

Sentim Information Technologies is one of the leading companies that introduced the computer technologies in Turkey and pioneered the development and spread of the same in the country. Having achieved many firsts and successes during its over 20 years of history, Sentim continues to lead the industry, developing solutions for the ever changing requirements of the sector along with developments in technology with new, original and expert approaches. Enqura and Sentim has strategic partnership to provide you premium delivery services.

Noventum Consulting

Noventum consulting is an internationally active IT management consulting company. Its head office is in Germany. Istanbul branch is active since 2007 serving major players in Financial, Telecom and Industry sectors. Enqura IT experienced consultants provide consultancy to you with Noventum team, methodology and know-how.

BI Talent Bilgi Teknolojileri

BI Talent Information Technologies is founded in 2011. Its focus both business intelligence and software delivery. BI Talent has experience and success stories in finance, telecom, health, construction, retail and automotive sectors. Enqura and BI Talent teams together provide you turn key projects with premium quality.

Loodos Information Technologies

Loodos Information Technologies is founded in 2004. Its focus on mobile software delivery. Loodos has success stories and awards in finance, telecom, retail and automotive sectors. Enqura and Loodos teams together provide you turn key projects with native mobile applications.